Harley-Davidson Club of Denmark

Welcome to the official homepage for the biggest motorcycle club in Denmark for Harley-Davidson bikers.

Harley-Davidson Club of Denmark (H-DCDK). H-DCDK was founded in 1976 and is at the current moment the world’s second largest independent motorcycle club for Harley-owners representing over 6,500 members.

In order to become a member of the Danish Harley-Davidson Club you must meet two conditions: you must be a registered owner or leaser of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and you have to be above the age of 18. As a member of H-DCDK you would find yourself amongst people from all walks of life ranging from the craftsman to the layer, all of whom share the same interest: The passion for the most authentic motorcycle brand in the world: Harley-Davidson Inc. 

H-DCDK consists of six districts

H-DCDK is organized in six local districts around Denmark. All of them organize their own rides, parties, and bike-meets. Furthermore, the club takes great pride in doing voluntary work for sick and needy children. As a yearly tradition, each local H-DCDK district visits a hospital or institution in the local area offering a donation and giving children the opportunity to take a ride on a Harley-Davidson. This event is called Toy-Run.   

Each club district has their own board consisting of elected member who represent their club in the nation-wide board of members.  On the nation-wide board, four elected representatives carry out the roles of president, vice-president, secretary and the cashier. These four elected representatives also serve the club in political matters and in international fora such as the Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe, which, with more than 38.000 members distributed in 20a lot of clubs all over Europe, is the biggest independent community for Harley-Davidson clubs in the world. 

Membership equals advantages

Besides a strong community and plenty of awesome national and international Harley-Davidson meets, membership of H-DCDK offers you an array of other advantages. One of such advantages is the member’s magazine, H-D Journalen, which slips in members’ post boxes six times annually. The magazine is filled with interesting articles about life as a Harley owner. Furthermore, members have access to advantageous insurances for their Harley-Davidson motorbike. 

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